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Trudeau Squanders More of Canadians Money on Ukraine

It’s official: Canada is sending more foreign aid to Ukraine. According to Defence Minister Bill Blair, Canadian taxpayers will provide Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jets with spare parts and ammunition, worth an estimated $60 million.https://t.co/z0EdmeOD9h — Rebel News Canada (@RebelNews_CA) February 16, 2024 To read the full article click on the… Continue reading

If Canada’s National Anthem Was A Country Song

If Canada’s national anthem were transformed into a country song, it might go something like this: (Verse 1)🎵 Oh, Canada, land of the maple tree,From the Rockies to the Atlantic, you’re where I wanna be.With your vast skies so blue and your lakes so wide,In your beauty and freedom, we… Continue reading

1957 Pontiac Superchief

1957 Pontiac 2 Door Hardtop Super Chief with a 347 cubic Inch 270 horsepower engine in it One of the many cars I took photos of while at the Cruisin’ Downtown 6 – Car & Bike Show in North Bay, Ontario, where I live. This event was hosted by Downtown… Continue reading

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