I would like to start by saying Hi and Welcome to my current Blog. I have had several blogs over the years, but I was never quite happy with the way they turned out. This time around when creating this blog I have taken more time in order to get it right so I won’t have to redo it. This is and will be my permanent home until Jesus comes back to get us.

I have set this blog up with several different pages in order to organize things a little better. You will be able to access things that you may like a lot quicker as I have set up my blog with a Navigation Bar at the top where you will be able to see pages that will have content that is specific to the name of the page. 

This blog will carry information and content that I find of interest or that of what I believe in. As time goes on I will add more content and info, so you may want to bookmark it as or subscribe to the feeds in order to see when new content is added. I have also added a email subscription which is located on the top left side of my blog.

Feel free to comment or like any of the stuff you see here that is of interest to you. If you would like to contact me directly just click on the Contact tab at the top right side of my blog and leave a message

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