Biblical Teachings

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Here you will find information and links to posts or websites that have sound Biblical teachings.

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How To Get Close To God

I listened to this sermon today by Abner D Washington that he did on May 10, 1980. I really enjoyed listening to it as it brought peace to my soul. You can listen to it here or from the > Hebert W. Armstrong Library

The REAL meaning of the 1st Commandment

This is the 1st in a series of 10 videos that Pastor Jim Staley has made where he teaches us what they really mean. I really enjoy his videos as he makes things clear and consise so that my little brain can understand the truth of the Bible. I have… Continue reading

Nephilim | Fallen Angels, UFOs, Giants, Mermaids, Vampires

Dr. Gene Kim – Open Bible Baptist Church is a King James Bible Believing Church in Sydney, Australia. We still sing the old fashioned hymns and have sound preaching from the Bible!

Anunnaki – The Dying God’s And The Giants Of Old

Midnight Ride – Ancient Near East in Biblical, Mythological, and Archaeology has become more relevant in the last few years than in decades before. Supernatural and physical encounters with UFOs, Aliens, and Demons have reportedly increased which makes understanding the world we live in and its relation to our Genesis… Continue reading

Official Sabbath Debate

Jim Staley – In this two-hour debate, two Christian pastors take the stage to answer one of the most important theological questions of all time: Should Christians Keep The Sabbath? This toe-to-toe debate is going to challenge everything you thought you knew about the Sabbath, as Pastor Jim Staley and… Continue reading