Did They Cover Up The Cure For Cancer?

Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover-Up | A documentary by Eric Merola

Here is a link to the Burzynski Movie YouTube channel, where I found the documentary above. https://www.youtube.com/@BurzynskiMovieSeries

This is a link to the website of the Burzynski Clinic in Huston, Texas https://www.burzynskiclinic.com/

David Blum – I would first like to give credit to my Sister Shelley, who sent me a video clip on TikTok about Burzynski. It was because of her, that I was stirred to find this full documentary above and to create this post.

With that being said, let’s get into it

I have known for a long time that they have been covering up cancer, in fact they are the ones who created it and they have also always had a real cure for it. In fact they have the cure for all sicknesses, as they created them too. Who are “they”? The elites of this world, who think they are far superior to us average human being. To them we are nothing but a bunch of cattle, that needs to be controlled and culled every once in awhile in order to keep our numbers in check. So these they, are also responsible for pretty much all the known illnesses and diseases in our world today.

All the sickness and suffering in our world today is due to these evil creatures. Besides keeping us in check, it’s also about the money. All this sickness, creates a mass amount of money through treatments and medications. A sick person is a cash cow for Big Pharma and those who want to control us. Why do you think they do everything they can to quash any natural/homopathy or healthy alternatives of staying well? Short answer is because there’s no money in a healthy person for them. Think about that for a minute, you know deep down that this in fact the truth to it all.

Don’t believe me, then you need to do some of your own serious research into the fact. If you come away with any answer other than that this is true, then you really didn’t look into it at all.

I hope this information will wake up those who need to realize all this and/or benefit you in some way.

Feel free to like this post & share this anywhere you want, as this needs to be seen my everyone. Always remember there are more of us, than there are of them, Together we can make a difference.

You can also leave a comment down below with your thoughts on all this if you want, as I always like to hear the thoughts of others as well.

Always keep YHWH in your heart and pray for guidance from him on everything you do.

Thanks for reading this article and may YHWH bless you all!

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