Identity Crisis

David Blum – Great video to watch as it will make things 100% clear as to who we really are in the grand scheme of things. Video is close to 3 hours long, so you might want to grab some popcorn and a drink. 😀

Jim Staley – Did Yeshua (Jesus) come to start a new religion? Did God replace His chosen people, Israel, with a new group called “The Church?” What did the Messiah mean when He said that He only came for the “lost sheep of the House of Israel”? Pastor Jim Staley addresses these questions and more in this insightful and in-depth teaching on our identity in Christ.

Click to view Identity Crisis on Passion For Truth Ministries website

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I'm a Canadian Patriot, follower & servant of Yeshua the Son of YHWH who is the 1 true God.

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