Justin Trudeau & Dr. Fauci Being Chased By Canadian & U.S. Law Enforcement

David Blum – I just hope that what they have said in the video below is true & real as I’m getting tired of being lied to. Only time will tell, I guess.

Update – Well, the fact that YouTube deleted this video off their platform tells me this may be true on all accounts. I have been able to find another copy of it on Rumble and I have replaced YouTube’s video with the Rumble video.

KONKRET – Pascal Najadi – Today US 3 Major US Law Enforcement Agencies began indictments chasing Dr. Fauci, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, Ralph Baric and Peter Daszak for premeditated Global Terrorism and Mass Murder charges on weaponizing mRNA Spike Proteins during Sanctions on Bio Weapons in the US and Canada 2013-2014. And BREAKING NEWS on the WHO, Geneva, Switzerland.

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