Manitoba Harvest Hemp Organic Max Protein Powder

I think I just found the best protein powder mix!

I was browsing through Amazon once again, when I came across this Hemp Yeah! Protein Powder from Manitoba Harvest. As I’m all for using hemp in things, It caught my attention right away. After I read it’s nutritional facts label, it seemed to hit all the right buttons for me. It’s also made right here in Canada, so that’s another big plus, as I will always support local & Canadian made products. I think I will order one and see how good it is and I will post an update here to let you know what I think of it once I have tried it.

You can comment down below and let my know what you think of it If you wish, as I alway value other peoples thoughts on things. If this protein powder isn’t right you, then just head over here where you can view more protein drinks on Amazon.

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