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World News Update – Torah Family Feb. 24, 2023

World News Update 2 24 23 Torah Family – This is a short report that addresses several issues at hand in current events as of 2-24-23. David Blum – A very good video on all the things that are happening in our world at the moment. I trust the information… Continue reading

Did They Cover Up The Cure For Cancer?

Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover-Up | A documentary by Eric Merola Here is a link to the Burzynski Movie YouTube channel, where I found the documentary above. This is a link to the website of the Burzynski Clinic in Huston, Texas David Blum – I would first like to… Continue reading

Fallen Angels Created AI Artificial Intelligence Communication With Demons In Robot Bodies

This is unfortunately the real truth of things. Satan along with all the Fallen Angels are the masterminds behind this AI Invention. Satan & the Fallen Angels dead offspring are the demon entities inhabiting the robots, which are passing themselves off as the AI Intelligence. People need to stay away… Continue reading

Hemp Is A Very Versatile Plant In My Opinion

To view the links he mentions in the video as well as all the others he has attched to it on his YouTube channel, click the following link > Hemp is a very versatile plant as it has so many uses and It should be a major crop as… Continue reading

Settings That You Should Change In Windows 11 NOW!

I came across this video while scrolling through YouTube today. Leila Gharani has alot of good information as to how, what & why you may want to change or turn off certain settings. It’s very easy to understand and follow along with her. You can also just stop the video… Continue reading