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These are the things I believe to be true from my study of the Bible and from continual prayer to YHWH for His truth to be shown to me. As time goes on, I will add more to the list as I feel it is important for everyone to know where I stand.

I believe there is a God who’s name is YHWH and He created the earth and heavens and that He is my Father in Heaven.

I believe that we live in an enclosed flat earth type structure and not on a spinning ball that is hurtling through space at insane speeds.

I believe that Yeshua is the Son of YHWH, that he was born of a virgin birth by Mary and that he died on the cross for our sins.

I believe that Yeshua is my Lord and Saviour.

I believe there will be a Rapture.

I believe that we are to follow and keep the 10 Commandments.

I believe we are to keep the Sabbath and that it is on Saturday which is the seventh day of the week.

I believe that the Bible is YHWH’s word.

I believe that I am in this world, but not of this world. I know my true home is in heaven.

I believe that we are to still adhere to the law of Clean and Unclean Animals

I believe that we are to still observe all of YHWH’s Feasts & Holy Days.

I believe that We are living in the end times and that we will see the return of Jesus in our lifetime.

I believe that Aliens are the Fallen Angels, the Nephilim (which are the offspring of the Fallen Angels) and Demons (which are the spirits/souls of the Nephilim).

I believe there are people in this world who are also the offspring of satan

I believe there were and still are Giants which are the Nephilim.

I believe that satan exists and is doing everything he can to deceive the world, but in the end he will lose it all as will all those who follow him.

I don’t celebrate christmas, easter, halloween, valentines day as these are all pagan and have absolutely nothing to do with the Bible or God. There is nowhere in the Bible that says we are to do so.

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I'm a Canadian Patriot, follower & servant of Yeshua the Son of YHWH who is the 1 true God. I'm also the Owner & Admin of this Blog.

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