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Here is where you will find post links to Articles, Audio or Video News Reports. Some will be local to me, Canadian, American & World News that I feel are worth sharing with you all. Feel free to like & share any that you see.

Cucumber Facts

The article below is from a Facebook post that I seen in my feed from All Pagan Loot.Click here to view original post FACTS OF THE DAY ….Cucumbers… I didn’t know this… and to think all these years I’ve only been making salads with the cucumbers… 1. Cucumbers contain most… Continue reading

Trudeau Squanders More of Canadians Money on Ukraine

It’s official: Canada is sending more foreign aid to Ukraine. According to Defence Minister Bill Blair, Canadian taxpayers will provide Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jets with spare parts and ammunition, worth an estimated $60 million. — Rebel News Canada (@RebelNews_CA) February 16, 2024 To read the full article click on the… Continue reading

Why Are There Puberty Blockers In Breakfast Cereals?

Dan Dicks from Press For Truth speaks about the posions they have been putting into breakfast cereals in an attempt to reduce world population. You can watch it hear or read his news article over at Press For Truth >

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