Santevia Water Pitcher

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My Thoughts On The Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher

There have been times that my tap water here in North Bay, Ontario has had a foul taste to it. That prompted me to start looking for a way to end that from happening. I started looking for a solution online which lead to this Santevia Pitcher.

After doing some research online, I bought this pitcher due to what I read it does for your water. I’m glad I did as there are to many water issues in our world today. I can now feel a little safer knowing that most of the junk they put into our water is being filtered out of my water with this pitcher. The fact that it’s made here in Canada is another reason why I purchased it, as I’m all about buying Canadian made over elsewhere whenever possible.

I highly reccommend this jug as it is does so much to clean up the water we drink every day. Once you read what it does to clean up your water, I feel you will agree that it is a very good jug to have. Santevia has many other pitchers and filtration systems to choose from if this doesn’t fit your needs. Just head over to Amazon to see all that they have.

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