My Camera Gear

While I’m by no means even close to a professional photographer, I do have a passion for taking photos of pretty much everything that catches my eye. As my income isn’t that great and I can’t afford the biggest & the best camera gear, I feel that the equipment I… Continue reading

Santevia Water Pitcher

My Thoughts On The Santevia Water Filtration Pitcher There have been times that my tap water here in North Bay, Ontario has had a foul taste to it. That prompted me to start looking for a way to end that from happening. I started looking for a solution online which… Continue reading

My Mobile Gear

While my choices in my mobile phone & tablet may not be the best or to others standards, they fit my needs to a tee. As I’m on a disabilty and don’t have a huge monthly income, I have to watch what I buy as well as the cost. Below… Continue reading

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Organic Max Protein Powder

I think I just found the best protein powder mix! I was browsing through Amazon once again, when I came across this Hemp Yeah! Protein Powder from Manitoba Harvest. As I’m all for using hemp in things, It caught my attention right away. After I read it’s nutritional facts label,… Continue reading