What Does The Bible Say About Trusting Man?

After reading all the verses below, it should be pretty clear to everyone as to who we should put are trust in. While I have taken the time to add the scriptures here on this post, you should always refer to your Bible to see that the things I have… Continue reading

The Jewish Calendar

The Jews Used Two Kinds Of Calendars Civil Calendar – official calendar of kings, childbirth, and contractsSacred Calendar – from which festivals were computed Names of Month Corresponds with No. of Days Month of Civil Year Month of Sacred Year Tishiri Sept.-Oct. 30 Days 1st 7th Heshvan Oct.-Nov. 29 or… Continue reading

The REAL meaning of the 1st Commandment

This is the 1st in a series of 10 videos that Pastor Jim Staley has made where he teaches us what they really mean. I really enjoy his videos as he makes things clear and consise so that my little brain can understand the truth of the Bible. I have… Continue reading

Scientism Exposed: Hiding The True Creator Of Creation

Robbie Davidson lays out factual truth on what our earth really is. He cuts through all the lies that we have been taught all our lives and what the elites continue to spin as our reality still in our present day. This is one documentary that should be watched and… Continue reading