I Am Canadian: The Rant

Great video commercial that pretty much sums up what it means to be a Canadian. SHNKArchives – A classic Molson Canadian beer commercial from March 2000. Just in time for the NHL playoffs that year. Starring Canadian actor Jeff Douglas as Joe. Part of the “I Am Canadian” advertising campaign.

Things To Do On Your Bike in North Bay, Ontario!

I recently came across Josie Dinsmore who is a photographer & blogger that lives in Northern Ontario. I have been following her for a bit, as she has some great pictures from her travels. Found out via Facebook that she has an article posted in the Northern Ontario Travel Online… Continue reading

Kicking Horse Coffee

I have tried a few of their coffee blends such as Three Sisters Medium, Kick Ass Dark & Z-Wrangler and I have enjoyed them all. I bought the whole beans over the grounds, as I like grinding them up. Grinding my own coffee beans just adds to the whole coffee making experience in my opinion…. Continue reading

Canadian Coffee Roasters

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay Below is a list of coffee roasters here in Canada. Click on any of the company names to open a new window to their website. (As time permits, I will add more to the list). Black Sheep Coffee Roasters – Located in Welland, Ontario. Blacktop Roaster –… Continue reading