Giant Of Kandahar Documentary

The 5th Kind – This documentary will take you on a gripping journey from the biblical lands of Genesis to the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, exploring the enigmatic tales of giants across our ancient world. Discover the legend of the Giant of Kandahar, the epic of Gilgamesh, and unearthly encounters… Continue reading

Why Are There Puberty Blockers In Breakfast Cereals?

Dan Dicks from Press For Truth speaks about the posions they have been putting into breakfast cereals in an attempt to reduce world population. You can watch it hear or read his news article over at Press For Truth >

I Am Canadian: The Rant

Great video commercial that pretty much sums up what it means to be a Canadian. SHNKArchives – A classic Molson Canadian beer commercial from March 2000. Just in time for the NHL playoffs that year. Starring Canadian actor Jeff Douglas as Joe. Part of the “I Am Canadian” advertising campaign.

Identity Crisis – Jim Staley

This video should be watched by everyone as it will truly make things 100% clear as to who we are. Passion For Truth Ministries – While Israel is at war, we need to know who Israel actually is. Did Yeshua (Jesus) come to start a new religion? Did God replace… Continue reading

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