The TV Show The Chosen – Exposed!

The Chosen Exposen – The Full Documentary EXPOSING DARKNESS and Bringing the LIGHT OF CHRIST

David Blum – This is a documentary that is over 5 hours long which was made by Kingdom Enterprises. It goes into extreme detail to show you just how The Chosen TV show is really not all love & light. There are some very dark/evil and controversial dealings with many of those associated with the show. You will be shocked at just how bad things are in relation to it.

Dallas Jenkins who is the shows creator, director and co-writer, is someone who is not as squeaky clean has he is being portrayed. This video will go into detail on his dealings as well. He says a lot of things that don’t match up to someone who truly follows Yeshua & YHWH.

I myself did watch a few episodes a while back, but after watching this documenatary I will not watch anymore episodes and I will never recommend this series to anyone. I take my faith and walk with Yeshua very seriously and will never comprimise on anything Biblical. Anyone that says well as long as it shows things of the Bible no matter what is attached to the message, is walking down a dangerous path.

I realize that sitting down to watch a 5+ hour video is not something eevryone can do, so make sure to bookmark this post so you are able to watch it in sections that fit into your schedule.

After you watch all of this documentary, I feel you will be blown away as to how bad it is to support this show in any way. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of all this.

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