Toxic Plastics Factory Coming To North Bay, Ontario

This is not good! As I live in North Bay, I felt I should create this post here to bring awareness to this garbage with all the links to this issue. I Also have to do this as Facebook won’t allow any links to Canadian News on their platform. For this reason I’m asking those who see this to bookmark my blog and Subscribe to it in order to stay updated on any news or other content I post. Feel free to share this post or any other information you like to any of your social media sites.

Here are some videos & news articles I found that talk about the business below.

First Video Speaking On The Plant

Follow Up Videos Of The Plant

I Looked at Industrial Plastics Canada’s website and yes the company is from Italy. Link to their website >

Links To News Articles On This Plant

Industrial Plastics Canada President responds to local environmental concerns-Updated

New manufacturer coming to North Bay’s industrial park

North Bay, Ont., plant at centre of community concerns over ‘forever chemicals’

Northern Ont. residents concerned about new plastic plant

Chemicals are forever: a new factory opens near Lake Nipissing, where water is already contaminated

North Bay residents organize town hall to discuss PFAS, Industrial Plastics Canada factory

Why is this happening? The City of North Bay I guess you don’t care about your community or those who live in North Bay. it’s just about the money you will get for posioning and killing us off.

Links to our sellout Mayor of North Bay

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