What I Believe

What I believe about God, Jesus and the Bible

  • I believe that there is only 1 true God and he only has 1 way of doing things
  • I believe that The Bible is the Word of God
  • I believe that Jesus is the son of God
  • I believe that Jesus was born of Mary
  • I believe that Jesus died for all of our sins.
  • I believe that there is only 1 way to God and that is through Jesus
  • I believe that Jesus is going to come back very soon to Rapture those who follow Him and keep God’s Commandments.
  • I believe that the 10 Commandments are to still be followed
  • I believe that we are to still keep the Sabbath which is part of the 10 Commandments. I also believe that The Sabbath is what we today call Saturday as it is the 7th day of the week.

These are some of the other things I believe to be true

  • I believe that Aliens/UFO’s are Fallen Angels/Nephilim/Demons. I do also believe that some of the UFO’s that we see are that of man who was given the knowledge on how to build them via the Fallen Angels/Nephilim/Demons.
  • I believe that the Giants/Nephilim spoke of in the Bible are the offspring of the Fallen Angels.
  • I believe that the demons are the spirits of the the Giants/Nephilim
  • I believe that we are living in what the Bible refers to as the endtimes
  • I believe that there are some books, chapters and words that are missing from the Bible and that some may have even been changed or reworded by those who don’t want people to know the complete truth that God Gave us.
  • I believe that Satan controls and/or influences all Governments or people that are running things on earth

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