Any news from the world except Canada and the United States that I feel is important to share will be posted here.

What Is The Antarctic Treaty?

Here is a video I found on Facebook of a guy talking about The Antarctic Treaty, which is a real thing for those who may not know. It’s from the The Truth in Plain Sight Facebook Page. You can read the Antarctic Treaty that he is referring to in the… Continue reading

World News Update – Torah Family Feb. 24, 2023

World News Update 2 24 23 Torah Family – This is a short report that addresses several issues at hand in current events as of 2-24-23. David Blum – A very good video on all the things that are happening in our world at the moment. I trust the information… Continue reading

Fallen Angels Created AI Artificial Intelligence Communication With Demons In Robot Bodies

This is unfortunately the real truth of things. Satan along with all the Fallen Angels are the masterminds behind this AI Invention. Satan & the Fallen Angels dead offspring are the demon entities inhabiting the robots, which are passing themselves off as the AI Intelligence. People need to stay away… Continue reading

Australia Pushes 5th Vaccine On It’s Citizens

Australia has LOST its mind pushes 5th vaccine for population | Redacted with Clayton Morris Clayton & Natali Morris from Redacted Inc., talk about the insanity of the Australian Government that is pushing the failed covid vaccines/boosters on their population still. Make sure to share this with everyone you know… Continue reading

1940s Mobile Phone Service

Looks like back in the 40s the United States had mobile telephones from the Bell telephone company. I wonder how long that lasted before they discontinued it. Click here to read full article on this. To see more information like the video above, click on the following link > Periscope… Continue reading