Truth News Sites

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Below is a list of links to news sites that are more truthful than any of the mainstream media news channels. If you want to know what is actually going on in our world, these sites may be worth your time.

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DruthersCanada’s Most Loved, Independent, People Powered Newspaper!

Press For Truth Dan Dicks Canadian News Website. Press For Truth is a team of videographers, investigative journalists and political activists. We do our best to expose the global elite and their plans for a new world order.

The Canadian Independent(Rumble Channel) The Canadian Independent exposes matters of public interest in Canada & around the world.

True North True North is a Canadian digital media platform that seeks to provide Canadians with fair, accurate, truthful and fact-based news reports, analysis, investigative reports, podcasts, interviews and documentaries.

Western StandardThey are independent source of news and commentary fighting for a strong and free Western Canada, committed to the truth even when it hurts, and opposed to any government funding, regulation or intervention of the press.

Winnipeg Alternative Media (WAM)Winnipeg’s #1 free speech, citizen journalist media outlet.

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